Suggested Guidelines for Starting an Undergraduate Biophysics Program

Over the years, the Biophysical Society has received numerous requests for advice on starting a biophysics major, or program, at the undergraduate level. We are  pleased to now offer Suggested Guidelines for Starting an Undergraduate Biophysics Program!  The purpose of these guidelines are to provide guidance to educators looking to get started in developing curriculum and expanding the biophysics offerings at their institutions, along with advice and ideas for employing effective pedagogical methods, sustaining a program, professional development, and finding additional resources to stay current within the field. 

Biophysics 101 Videos

Beauty in Biophysics Picture Show

Enjoy these beautiful images created by biophysics research!

Lesson Plans

In celebration of Biophysics Week, and to help introduce simple biophysics concepts to a younger audience, the Society launched BASICS: Biophysics - A Step-by-Step Introduction to Concepts for Students, a new series of lesson plans designed for high school teachers and students. The first plans in this series introduce students to the concepts of Diffusion, Viscosity, Elasticity, and Experimental Error. The Society is pleased to offer three of these lesson plans in Spanish as well as English. Please see below for our Statement of Use policy. We hope that these plans excite both teachers and students, and inspire students to consider biophysics as a course of study as they begin their college careers.

Lesson Plan: Diffusion  |  Lesson Plan: Elasticity  |  Lesson Plan: Experimental Error | Lesson Plan: Fluorescence
Lesson Plan: Viscosity | Lesson Plan: Light Microscopy | Light Microscopy Lesson Plan & Workshop Power Point 
Lesson Plan: Light Microscopy (K-6)

Esquema de la Leccion:  Elasticidad  |  Esquema de la Leccion:  sobre Error Experimental Esquema de la Leccion:  Viscosidad

Statement on Use

The lesson plans available at the Biophysical Society web site have been designed for use under supervised instruction. Although the lesson plans in general do not require harmful materials or procedures, reasonable care should be taken when performing procedures such as heating liquids or weighing out chemical substances. It is the view of the Biophysical Society that taking reasonable precautions while performing the procedures posted at this site is the responsibility of those who use the materials from this site.