Get Involved

The Biophysical Society (BPS) provides many opportunities for members to get involve and give back to the biophysics community. Make a difference, gain leadership experience, and expand your network by getting involved. See below for the different opportunities.

Biophysics Week 2018

The third annual global Biophysics Week is March 12-16, 2018. Biophysics Week is a global celebration of the field of biophysics. Help get the word out about what biophysics is and its significant scientific contributions by getting involved. Become a Biophysics Week Ambassador by planning an event. Visit the Biophysics Week website for more information.


Be a Biophysics Advocate

Science funding depends on policy makers understanding the importance of scientific research. Your help is essential in reaching the decision makers in your country. Worldwide, the scientific community, should be the authority on matters of science policy and your voice is too important to go unheard. Make a difference in your country. Find out how you can help.


Be a Science Fair Judge

BPS has sponsored student awards at international, regional, and state science fairs since 2009. BPS promotes the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and math in schools worldwide, and raises awareness about biophysics at the high school level or equivalent.

To volunteer as a judge or if you have other questions about BPS Science Fair awards, please contact the Society Office at Additionally, BPS will sponsor an award at international, regional, and state science fairs where members are willing to judge. This is an excellent opportunity for members who are already volunteering at their local events to raise awareness about the field of biophysics.


Join a BPS Committee

At the Biophysical Society (BPS), we offer leadership and career advancement opportunities for members at every stage of their career, from students to seasoned scientists. The Society encourages members to join a BPS Committee. Committees are essential to the implementation of the Society's stated purpose to lead the development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics. Joining a BPS Committee allows members to develop leadership skills and really connect with other members of the Society.

Society members wishing to be more involved in Society activities are encouraged to submit a volunteer form and indicate their interest in one or more of the following committees: early careers, education, international relations, membership, minority affairs, professional opportunities for women, public affairs, or publications. Volunteer forms submitted by October 1, 2017, will be considered for appointment in 2018.  Sign up to volunteer.


Start a BPS Student Chapter

The Biophysical Society has just launched the BPS Student Chapter program. This program aims to build active student chapters around the globe, increase student membership and participation within the Society, and promote biophysics as a discipline across college campuses through activities organized by the chapters. Chapters may be formed within a single institution, or regional chapters may be developed between multiple, neighboring, institutions.

For a complete list of instructions on forming an official BPS Student Chapter, please visit website.


Attend BPS Meetings

The Biophysical Society (BPS) understands the importance of collaborating, sharing, and networking, and that’s why we provide many opportunities throughout the year for BPS members to meet with their peers. Take advantage of the networking and peer-to-peer opportunities that are available to you at the BPS Annual Meeting and Thematic Meetings.

The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, typically held in February, is the largest gathering of biophysicists in the world. It represents an unparalleled opportunity to discover the latest trends and knowledge in all areas of biophysics. Abstract submission and registration opened on July 1 for the BPS 62nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, February 17-21, 2018. For past meeting information, please visit here.

Thematic Meetings are smaller, more focused-topic meetings that are organized by Society members and held throughout the world. These meetings are unique and exciting because they bring together researchers who do not otherwise attend the same events, bringing different perspectives to address a common problem. Here is the schedule of upcoming Thematic Meetings.



BPS members interested in helping others in the field are encouraged to join the National Research Mentoring Network (NMRN), funded by the NIH. Visit NRMNet today to begin.