2012 Image Contest

The Art of Science Image Contest 2012 Winners

Biophysical Society members submitted over 50 images for the Society's second annual Image Contest, sponsored by Photometrics. The 11 finalist entries were displayed at the 56th Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, and attendees voted for their two favorite images. The prizes were donated by Asylum Research and winners were announced Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

1st Place

Monica Zoppe, The Raft Dance

Membrane rafts are a place of intense protein social encounter. Here they meet, exchange information among themselves, and organize the details to be transmitted to the interior of the cell. Image obtained using BioBlender on the basis of files pdb and our brand new visual code, colorized.

2nd Place

3rd Place

Simone Kohler, Dynamics in active Cytoskeletal Networks Aurélie Dupont, The Face of the Virus

The image depicts the dynamics and reorganization in the self organization process directly observed in a reconstituted active actin network. The dynamics are visualized in a colored time overlay of epifluorescence images (colors blue to red correspond to 6 min in the dynamic steady state).
Dual color Foamy virus particles containing a GFP labeled capsid and a mCherry labeled envelope were observed with a spinning-disk confocal microscope as they were infecting living cells. The image shows a time projection of the acquired movie revealing the viruses’ trajectories. The image was mirrored.