Permeation & Transport Subgroup 2017 Symposium
Saturday, February 11, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana
1:30 PM- 4:50 PM
Room 219

Olga Boudker, Weill Cornell Medical College, Subgroup Chair

1:30 PM
Novel molecular mechanism of excitatory neurotransmitter transport inhibition
Nicolas Reyes, Institut Pastuer

2:00 PM
Ins and Outs of the Na,K-Atpase
Hanne Poulsen, Aarhus University

2:30 PM
Mechanism of pH-dependent activation of sodium-proton antiporter NhaA
Jana Shen, University of Maryland

3:00 PM Student Talk
Design Of A Glutamate-Activated Potassium Channel Upon Fusion Of The Ligand-Binding Domain Of The Mammalian Ampa Receptor Glua1 To The Channel Pore Of The Viral Atcv-1 Kcv K+ Channel
Michael Schönrock, TU Darmstadt, Germany

3:20 PM Break

3:30 PM
Dynamics of glutamate receptor studied with single molecule FRET
Vasanthi Jayaraman, University of Texas

4:00 PM

Unconventional ion-permeation pathways in NavAb and CavAb channels from Molecular Simulations with Polarizable Force-Fields
Sergei Noskov, University of Calgary

4:30 PM Student Talk
A Mass-Spectrometry Based Methodology to Unravel The Molecular Mechanisms of Sugar Transport
Chloe Martens, King's College London, UK

4:50 PM Business Meeting 

6:00 PM Subgroup Dinner (with Membrane Biophysics Subgroup)

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