Nanoscale Biophysics Subgroup 2017 Symposium
Saturday, February 11, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana
12:30 PM- 6:00 PM
Room 208/209

Julie Biteen, University of Michigan, Subgroup Chair

12:30 PM
Spectrally Resolved Super-Resolution Microscopy
Ke Xu, University of California, Berkeley

1:00 PM
Super Temporal-Resolved Microscopy (STReM) for Measuring Fast Interfacial Dynamics
Christy Landes, Rice University

1:30 PM
Bright And Stable External Fluorophores In Untransformed Living Cells
Ozgur Sahin, Columbia University

2:00 PM
Single-Molecule Studies Of DNA Replication: The Plasticity Of Multi-Protein Complexes
Antoine van Oijen, University of Wollongong, Australia

2:30 PM
Single Molecule Fluorescence and Atomic Force Microscopy Studies Of DNA Repair
Dorothy Erie, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

3:00 PM Break

3:30 PM Student/ Postdoc Talk
Creating a Physical Map of the Genome
Aakash Basu, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

3:45 PM Student/ Postdoc Talk
Following a Giant's Footsteps: Single‐Particle and Super‐Resolution Approaches to Decipher the Nuclear Transport of Hepatitis B Virus Capsids
Giulia Paci, The European Molecular Biology Laboratory

4:00 PM Student/ Postdoc Talk
Fabricating and Actuating DNA Origami Mechanisms
Alex Marras, The Ohio State University

4:15 PM

Developing Fluorescent Nanodiamonds for in Vitro and in Vivo Biological Imaging
Keir Neuman, National Institutes of Health

4:45 PM
Spatially resolved mapping of endogenous proteins and RNA in living cells
Alice Ting, Stanford University

5:15 PM Business Meeting

6:00 PM Subgroup Dinner

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