Exocytosis & Endocytosis Subgroup 2017 Symposium
Saturday, February 11, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana
1:00 PM- 6:30 PM
Room 210

Brian Salzberg, University of Pennsylvania, Subgroup Chair

1:00 PM Student Talk

Calcium-Mediated Docking and Fusion of Purified Dense Core Vesicles with Reconstituted Membranes
Alex Kreutzberger, University of Virginia

1:15 PM Student Talk

Pore Fusion Selectivity in Chromaffin Cells
Joannalyn Delacruz, Cornell University

1:30 PM Student Talk

Effects of Membrane Tension on Snare-Mediated Single Fusion Pores
Natasha Dudzinski, Yale University
1:45 PM
Cellular Dynamics imaged in real time and in 3D using a lattice light sheet microscope
Tomas Kirchhausen, Harvard University

2:15 PM Coffee Break

2:30 PM
Superpriming: A slow process, which enhances the rate of exocytosis and may mediate synaptic Augmentation and Posttetanic Potentiation
Erwin Neher, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund

3:00 PM
How voltage-gated Cav1 L-type Ca2+ channels meet the needs of the ribbonsynapse
Amy Lee, University of Iowa

3:30 PM
Presynaptic membrane turnover and transmitter release at the calyx of held
Xuelin Lou, University of Wisconsin

4:00 PM Coffee Break

4:15 PM Sir Bernard Katz Award Lecture
The Long Road to Micro-Dynamic Presynapt5ic FRET Measurements
Robert S. Zucker, University of California, Berkeley

5:30 PM Business Meeting

6:30 PM Reception and Dinner