The Annual Awards Symposium is a highlight of the Annual Meeting.  During this session, awardees being honored for their scientific achievements each gives a short talk about the work for which they are being recognized.  The awards recognize excellence in diverse research areas, allowing attendees to hear about important biophysical work being done outside of their own specific area of research. 

Tuesday, March 1

10:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Steven Block

Stanford University
Founders Award 
Twenty-Eight Years, and Still (Optically) Trapped! Single Molecule Biophysics Comes of Age


Olga Boudker

Weill Cornell Medical College
Michael and Kate Bárány Award
Elevator Mechanism of Glutamate Transporters


Sophie Dumont

University of California, San Francisco
Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award
Mechanical Architecture of Cell Division

Polina Lishko

University of California, Berkeley
Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award
How a Tail Wags its Sperm: Regulation of Flagellar Motility by Bioactive Lipid Signaling

Jochen Hub

Georg-August-University Göttingen
Biophysical Journal Paper of the Year Award
Interpretation of Solution X-Ray Scattering by Explicit-Solvent Molecular Dynamics


Eric Gouaux

Vollum Institute, Oregon Health and Science University
Anatrace Membrane Protein Award
X-Rays and Electrons Illuminate Neurotransmitter Receptor Structure and Mechanism


Philip Yeagle

University of Connecticut
Avanti Award in Lipids
Cholesterol, the Molecule You Thought You Knew