Dennis Discher, University of Pennsylvania, Subgroup Chair

Mechanobiology Subgroup 2015 Symposium
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Baltimore, Maryland

10:00 AM Introduction by Dennis Discher, Subgroup Chair


Junior Investigator talks selected from submitted abstracts

10:05 AM Rishita Changede, Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore
Nanoscale Architecture of Integrin Clusters 
10:20 AM Masatoshi Morimatsu, Stanford University
Visualizing the architecture of cellular adhesion complexes using fluorescent molecular force sensors 
10:35 AM Jerome Irianto, University of Pennsylvania
Constricted cell migration damages DNA and drives lamin segregation
 "Lightning talks" on Mechanobiology  
10:50 AM

Joshua Francois, University of California, San Diego
Mechanics of Neutrophil Migration in Three-Dimensional Matrices

10:56 AM Chii J. Chan, Cambridge University, United Kingdom 
Unique Mechanical Properties of Cell Nuclei Regulated By Chromatin.
11:02 AM Zhangli Peng, University of Notre Dame 
Modeling Transmigration of Malaria Infected Red Blood Cells Through Inter-Endothelial Slits in Human Spleens Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics.
11:08 AM Jaime Agudo, Max Planck Institute, Germany 
Stability Regimes and Engulfment Patterns of Nanoparticles at Membranes.
11:14 AM Katelyn M. Spillane, National Institute for Medical Research, United Kingdom
Characterizing Mechanical Forces during B Cell Responses. 
11:20 AM Flori H. Yellin, Johns Hopkins University
Electromechanical Model for Non-Excitable Cells. 
11:26 AM Yulia Artemenko, Johns Hopkins University
Acute Mechanical Stimulation Activates the Chemotactic Signaling Network. 
11:32 AM Nazha Hamdani, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Oxidative Stress Regulates Titin Elasticity By Affecting Ig-Domain Stability. 
11:38 AMKinjal Dasbiswas, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel 
Substrate Stiffness-Modulated Registry Phase Correlations In Cardiomyocytes Maps Structural Order To Coherent Beating.
11:44 AM Charles D. Cox, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Australia
Probing the Mechanosensitivity of PIEZO1 Channels.
11:50 AMJulian Hassinger, University of California, Berkeley 
Role of Surface Tension in the Formation of Membrane Tubes.
12:00 PM 

Lunch Break

 1:05 PM

Ewa Paluch, University College London, United Kingdom
Actin Cortex Mechanics and Cell Shape Control in Migration and Division

 1:40 PM

Ulrich Schwarz, Heidelberg University, Germany
Stiffness Sensing Through Myosin II Minifilaments

 2:15 PM

Kenneth Yamada, NIH
Cell Migration

 2:50 PM


 3:10 PM

Benoit Ladoux, Paris Diderot University, France
Adaptative Response of Cell Cytoskeleton Rheology and Ordering Governs Matrix Rigidity Sensing

 3:45 PM

Douglas Robinson, Johns Hopkins University
Molecular Mechanisms of Contractility-Based Cellular Mechanosensing

 4:20 PM

Roop Mallik, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Dynein Teams Assemble on Lipid Rafts to Generate Large Forces on Phagosomes

 4:55 PM

Yong Hwee Foo, National University Singapore
Investigation of the EnvZ/OmpR Bacterial Signaling System Using Single Particle Tracking and Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy

 5:15 PM

Subgroup Business Meeting

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