Jan Hoek, Thomas Jefferson University, Subgroup Co-Chair
György Hajnóczky, Thomas Jefferson University, Subgroup Co-Chair

Bioenergetics Subgroup 2015 Symposium
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Baltimore, Maryland

Room 314/ 315

Morning Symposium: The Mitochondrial Genome
Program Chair: Brett Kaufman, University of Pennsylvania

9:00 AM 

Carlos Moraes, University of Miami
Selective Targeting of MtDNA Sequences and Applications to Therapy

9:30 AM     

Craig Cameron, Pennsylvania State University
New Paradigms for Regulation of Human Mitochondrial Transcription

10:00 AM 

Phillip West, Yale University
Mitochondrial DNA Stress Primes the Antiviral Innate Immune Response

10:30 AM 

Coffee Break

11:00 AM 

Yves Pommier, NIH
MtDNA Topoisomerases

11:30 AM 

Brett Kaufman, University of Pennsylvania
New Insights into the Causes of Mitochondrial Genome Instability

Afternoon Symposium: Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Transport Systems: Structure, Properties, and Physiological Implications
Program Chairs: Marco Colombini, University of Maryland; John J. Lemasters, Medical University of South Carolina

1:45 PMPresentation of the Young Bioenergeticist Award

2:00 PM         

Shelagh Ferguson-Miller, Michigan State University
High Resolution Crystal Structures of Translocator Protein 18 kDa (TSPO)
Reveal Ligand Binding Sites and Effects of a Human Single Polymorphism

2:30 PM 

Vassilios Papadopoulos, McGill University, Canada
Translocator Protein in Mitochondrial Cholesterol Transport and the Pharmacology of Steroidogenesis

3:00 PM 

Michelangelo Campanella, University of London, United Kingdom
TSPO is a VDAC1 dependent pathway to modulate mitochondrial quality control and Ca2+ signalling

3:30 PM 

Coffee Break

4:00 PM 

 Jeff Abramson, University of California, Los Angeles
Structure-guided Simulations Illuminate the Mechanism of ATP Transport Through VDAC1

4:30 PM 

John J. Lemasters, Medical University of South Carolina
VDAC and Regulation of Mitochondrial Metabolism 

5:00 PM 

General Discussion

5:15 PM 

Subgroup Business Meeting

7:00 PM 

Subgroup Dinner