Stefan Diez, Technical University of Dresden, Germany, Subgroup Co-Chair 
Samara Reck-Peterson, Harvard Medical School, Subgroup Co-Chair

Motility Subgroup 2014 Symposium
Saturday, February 15, 2014
San Francisco, California

1:00 PM, Introduction

1:10 PM, Maxence Nachury, Stanford University
Movement of Signaling Receptors Inside Primary Cilia

1:40 PM, Sophie Dumont, University of California, San Francisco
Probing Forces on Newly Generated Spindle Microtubule Minus-Ends

2:10 PM, Break

2:30 PM, Michael Ostap, University of Pennsylvania
Structural, Mechanical, and Biochemical Insights into the Mechanism of Myosin Force Sensing

3:00 PM, Carolyn Moores, Birkbeck College, University of London, United Kingdom
A Structural Model of the Kinesin-5 Mechano-Chemical Cycle

3:30 PM, Business meeting and break

4:00 PM, Zvonimir Dogic, Brandeis University
From Extensile Microtubules Bundles to Synthetic Cilia and Self-mixing Active Gels

4:30 PM, Stefan Klumpp, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Tug-of-War: Mechanical Coordination of Molecular Motors

5:00 PM, Break

5:20 PM, Keynote Speaker: Ronald Vale, University of California, San Francisco
Mechanisms of Dynein-Driven Microtubule Sliding and Cargo Transport

6:15 PM, Closing Remarks

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