Membrane Biophysics

Henry Colecraft, Columbia University, Subgroup Chair

Membrane Biophysics Subgroup 2014 Symposium
Saturday, February 15, 2014
San Francisco, California

Necessary (Accessory) Subunits of Ion Channels: What They Do and How They Do It

1:00 PM, Opening remarks

1:05 PM, Henry Colecraft, Columbia University
Childhood Sweetheart vs Late Suitor: CaV Channel Regulation by Auxiliary b and a2d Subunits 

1:35 PM, Mark Shapiro, University of Texas Health Science Center
Dual Regulation of M-type K+ Channels by AKAP79/150 Signaling Complexes

2:05 PM, Toshinori Hoshi, University of Pennsylvania
Auxiliary-subunit-dependent Modulation of Slo1 BK Channels Underlies the Hypotensive Effect of Fish Oil

2:35 PM, David Yue, Johns Hopkins University
Powerful and Ancient Embrace of Four-domain Voltage-gated Channels with Calmodulin

3:05 PM, Subgroup business meeting and coffee break

3:40 PM, Lori Isom, University of Michigan
Sodium Channel b1 Subunits, Overachievers of the Ion Channel Family

4:10 PM, Steven Siegelbaum, Columbia University
TRIP(8b)ing Up and Down HCN Channel Gating and Trafficking 

4:40 PM, Roger Nicoll, University of California, San Francisco
Auxiliary Subunits Assist AMPA Receptors

5:10 PM, Conclusion 

6:00 PM, Cole Award Dinner and Ceremony

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