Annual Meeting Program

The program will be printed on recycled paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Programs can be recyled using recepticles throughout the Moscone Center. 


Moscone Center

The Moscone Center is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and services by becoming environmentally responsible in providing the following:
  • Solar Energy - one of the nation's largest municipally-owned solar generation installations operates on the roof of the Center
  • Use of the latest and most energy-efficient lighting fixtures throughout the facility
  • Food composting program and exclusive use of compostable food serveware products
  • Policies and procedures place emphasis on sustainability in all purchasing activities
  • Installation of variable speed drives on cooling tower fans
The Moscone Center will continue to strive for and improve these initiatives in a continuing effort to make improvements in air quality, waste minimization, energy efficiency, water conservation and environmental purchasing in the operation and services provided to our staff and visitors.
For more information regarding the green initiatives of the Moscone Center, please read the Sustainability Programs information page or visit the Green Meetings information page.





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