Exhibitor Coupon Booklet
Bring attendees directly to your booth by offering money-saving opportunities through the Exhibitor Coupon Booklet. This booklet, available
to attendees on site at registration, is just one of the many excellent marketing opportunities available to BPS exhibitors only. Put your company
name and product/service in front of your potential customers by offering show discounts on products and/or services, or to promote a raffle!
Space is limited.

Coupon Book Form Coming Soon!

 The following guidelines apply:
1. Reproduction quality (camera-ready) artwork must accompany your form. Requests received without artwork will not be accepted. Reproduction quality artwork must fit inside the box on the bottom of the page. Accepted electronic files are: TIF, EPS, AI, or PSD. You may submit coupon by email once forms are being accepted. 
2. No phone requests will be accepted.
3. Coupons will be printed in black and white and are single-sided. Coupon size is 2.25” high x 7.5” wide.
4. VERY IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include fonts, placed images and a printout of your electronic file.
5. Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Space limited.
It is your responsibility to include disclaimer language for dates of validity and quantity limits for your show specials.
The Biophysical Society does not assume any liability for offers being presented by your company.
 Example of coupon. 

For more information about the coupon book please contact
Sales and Exhibits at 240-290-5609 or exhibits@biophysics.org 

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