Meeting Location

Koç University School of Nursing
American Hospital
Güzelbahçe Sokak No. 20
Nişantaşı 34365 İstanbul
Phone: (90) 212 311 2601
Fax: (90) 212 311 2602

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Ataturk Airport (IST) is on the European side of Istanbul and located 28km from Taksim Square in the city center.  
Sabhia Gokcen International Airport  (SAW) is on the Asian side of Istanbul and located 50km away from Taksim Square in the city center.  
Many of the transportation options from the airport will take you to Taksim Square where you will continue on to your hotel or the meeting location. 
Most European airports are 2-4 hours away from Istanbul by air. From the east cost of North America, Istanbul is about a 10-hour journey. Over 300 international airlines serve Istanbul's airports. 


There are trains from Sofia, Belgrade, Bucharest and Budapest (connections from Munich and Vienna) to Sikeci Station in Istanbul. There are two main train stations in Istanbul: Sirkeci Station on the European side and Haydarpassa Station on the Asian side. These historic buildings are nostalgic gateways to the city. Both stations are well equipped with restaurants, newspaper kiosks, waiting rooms, and ATMs. 
Both stations are conveniently located. Haydarpasa station on the Asian shore is connected to the European shore by ferry to Karakoy, and Sirkeci station is a short walk or taxi from Eminonu ferry termainls. Suburban trains also run from Sirkeci and Haydarpasa stations. Trams to Sultanahmet run past Sirkeci station, and city bus services are available. 


If you have heavy luggage, we suggest that you take a taxi from the airport to your hotel or the meeting location. Istanbul taxi fees are calculated by adding a certain fee per km to a constant initial fee. If you like, the taxi drivers may inform you before the journey about the approximate fee you are going to pay with respect to your distance. Same taxi fees are applicable 24 hours in Istanbul. 

Airport Taxi - Prearranged 

The airport taxi firm offers a transfer service which can be arranged before your arrival. You pay the amount on the taxi meter, with no additional charge for booking a taxi and greeting you at the arrivals terminal. Below is the contact information of the transfer service, you can call in advance and book your taxi. The service will greet you at the arrivals lounge and direct you to the taxi:
Atatürk Airport Taxi Transfer Service: +90 535 491 9827 


From Ataturk Airport: A public bus operates from Atatürk Airport in front of the Arrivals section and takes you to Taksim Square. The bus line is 96T and operates between 07.00 and 21.00 approximately every 40 minutes.
From Sabhia Gökçen Airport: A public bus operates from Sabiha Gökçen Airport in front of the Arrivals section which takes you to 4. Levent. The bus is E-3 and will take you to 4. Levent, which is the final stop of the E-3 bus line. From 4. Levent you can either take the metro to Darüşşafaka, or take a taxi to your hotel or the meeting location. 
Details about bus times can be found at:


Havaş is a bus system which runs buses specifically to and from the airport to the main points of the city center. Upon arriving in Sabiha Gökçen Airport or Ataturk Airport you may choose to use the Havaş bus which operates from the front of the Arrivals terminal. There are three different locations that Havaş operates to. You will be going to Taksim Square. 


Atatürk Airport is linked to the Istanbul metro system. Upon arriving in the airport you will follow the signs which will lead you to the metro. The metro runs from: 

Weekdays: 6:00 am-00:15 am 

Saturdays: 6:00 am-00:15 am 

Sundays 6:25 am-00:15 am

The final stop for the Airport line is Aksaray. From Aksaray you may choose to take a taxi, which will cost approximately 60 TL (approximately $35), or you can take the T1 line to Kabataş and then use F1 to get to Taksim. 

Please note that to interchange from Aksaray to the T1 line there is a long walk which could be inefficient, especially if you have baggage.

Click here for a map of the metro rail.

Click here for the metro schedule and rail system fees. 


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