2014 New & Notable Symposium

Seven speakers were selected for the 2014 New & Notable Symposium from among nearly 120 submissions. The speakers, listed below, will present their work in San Francisco during the Symposium on Sunday, February 16, at 10:45 am.

Erhu Cao
University of California, San Francisco Structural Insights into TRP Channel Activation



Elizabeth Chen
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Myosin II Functions as a Direct Mechanosensor for Intercellular Invasion during Cell-Cell Fusion


Anne Kenworthy
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Sterol Binding Controls Partitioning of the Amyloid Precursor C99 Protein between Ordered and Disordered Membranes


Suliana Manley
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Lausanne, Switzerland
High Throughput 3D PALM Imaging Elucidates Mechanisms of Bacterial Cell Division

Basuthkar Rao
Tata Institute of Fundamental
Research, India
Chromosome Territories Spatially Reorganise during DNA-Damage Response in Mammalian Nuclei


Blake Wiedenheft
Montana State University
Structure of the CRISPR RNA-guided Surveillance Complex from the Adaptive Immune System in Escherichia coli


Hao Wu
Harvard Medical School
Elucidation of Filamentous Structures in Immune Signaling



Robert Nakamoto, the chair of the New & Notable Symposium explains that, "The speakers of this year's New and Notable symposium will present exciting new results that were obtained using a range of biophysical approaches to address very challenging questions. I find it stunning how investigators continue to develop methods to study increasingly complex systems at very high resolution."