Session Types

At the time of regular abstract submission, attendees submitting abstracts must indicate the format in which they would prefer to present their abstracts at the Annual Meeting. Abstract submitters must choose one of the following: Platform, Poster, or Member-Organized Session. Each session type may be scheduled Sunday – Wednesday at the meeting.


Platform presentations will be chosen from among the abstracts submitted that have indicated an interest in being considered for a platform session. The Program Committee will select eight abstracts to be presented per platform session. Abstracts accepted for platform presentations will be organized into parallel sessions, running concurrently with symposia and minisymposia, Sunday through Wednesday. Speakers in these sessions will each be allotted 15 minutes for presentation and discussions. Abstracts not selected for platform presentation will be scheduled in an appropriate poster session.


Attendees submitting abstracts may select which topic category the abstract falls under. More than 800 posters submissions will be scheduled each day of the meeting.

Member-Organized Session

Annual meeting attendees who are interested in organizing a member-organized session on a specific topic not included in the abstract categories must meet the criteria listed below in order for the session to be considered by the Program Committee. If a proposed member-organized session is not selected, the abstracts submitted for the session will be programmed either in an appropriate platform session or poster session. Speakers have 15 minutes for presentation and discussion.  There must be eight speakers in a session.

  • Member-organized sessions may only be organized by members of the Biophysical Society (membership must be current for the year of the Meeting). 
  • To be considered for presentation at the current Annual Meeting, the organizers and chairs of proposed member-organized sessions must not have been selected for presentation at the previous year’s Annual Meeting.
  • Submissions must include the title of the session, chair of the session, a proposed list of speakers and titles of each of their abstracts. 
  • Submissions must also include a short description of how the proposed member-organized session is not addressed within the existing abstract categories. 
  • Complete proposals must be sent to the Society Office,, by Monday, September 17, 2012. 
  • All abstracts included in a member-organized session must be submitted by the abstract deadline in order for the member-organized session to be considered; these abstract submissions must indicate “member-organized session” as the session type. No late abstract submissions will be considered for member-organized sessions.

Member-organized session proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Those selected will be scheduled into sessions running concurrently with platform sessions and minisymposia, Sunday-Wednesday. Organizers and speakers listed in member-organized session proposals will be sent formal notification from the Society office of the Program Committee’s final selections.

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