Seoul Information

Seoul Information

Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea.  The Seoul Capital Area, which includes the surrounding Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province, is the world's second largest metropolitan area with over 25.6 million people. 

Seoul is a city of various culture and variation. The city has over 700 museums, including the National Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum. The Seoul metropolitan area contains four UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Changdeok Palace, Hwaseong Fortress, Jongmyo Shrine and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. There are plenty of popular tourist attractions to see in Seoul. Enjoy your stay in Seoul!

Gyeongbok-gung Palace
This is Seoul's grandest Joseon Dynasty-era palace and the seat of power for centuries before it was razed in 1592. This was the first palace used by the Joseon Dynasty. Large parts have now been restored and the vast grounds also house the Joseon Palace Museum and the Korean Folk Museum. 

Changdeok-gung Palace
Changgyeonggung (Palace) was built in 1483 by King Seongjong to take care of the wives of the preceding kings.  Compared to other palaces, the size of the palace is compact and simple.). It's located east of the primary palace of Gyeongbokgung, so it is also referred to as "Donggwol," the "East Palace."  

Namsan Park
Located in the center of Seoul and considered a symbol of Seoul. Namsan Park is an ecology-island surrounded by urban districts. In spite of being an urban ecology-island, wild animals live in the park. 

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)
Once the tallest tower in Asia, it has the best panoramic view in all of Seoul. Many Seoulites and visitors have visited the tower to catch a glimpse of the city’s landscape while enjoying the nature of Namsan Mountain and a host of other attractive facilities.

The National Museum of Korea
The National Museum of Korea houses the best of the best collection of artifacts and relics from across Korea throughout different periods and dynasty. Also has some West Asian pieces from Japanese Governor-General of Korea. 

Lotte World
Lotte World is a major recreation complex located in downtown Seoul. It consists of Indoor Adventure, the world's largest indoor theme park, an outdoor theme park called Magic Island, a luxury hotel, the Korean Folk Museum, shopping malls, department stores, sports facilities and a movie theater, all in one place. 

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