Abstract Categories

The Society organizes the platform and poster sessions based on scientific areas. When you submit an abstract, you will be asked to choose which category your abstract best fits under. The abstract categories for the 2011 meeting are listed below.


1A Protein Conformation
1B Protein Dynamics
1C Protein Folding & Stability
1D Molecular Chaperones
1E Protein-Ligand Interactions
1F Physical Chemistry of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
1G Enzymes
1H Heme Proteins
1I Membrane Protein Structure
1J Membrane Protein Function
1K Protein Structure
1L Protein Assemblies
1M Protein Aggregates
1N Protein Structure Prediction & Drug Design
1O Apoptosis
1P Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Nucleic Acids

2A DNA Replication, Recombination, and Repair
2B Transcription
2C Ribosomes & Translation
2D DNA, RNA Structure & Conformation
2E RNA Folding
2F Virus Structure & Assembly
2G Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions
2H Chromatin

Lipid Bilayers & Model Membranes

3A Membrane Physical Chemistry
3B Membrane Dynamics & Bilayer Probes
3C Membrane Active Peptides
3D Membrane Fusion
3E Membrane Structure
3F Interfacial Protein-Lipid Interactions

Cell Membrane Physiology & Biophysics

4A Intercellular Communication & Gap Junctions
4B Membrane Receptors & Signal Transduction
4C Calcium Signaling Proteins
4D Calcium Signaling Pathways
4E Calcium Fluxes, Sparks, and Waves
4F Local Calcium Signaling
4G Endoplasmic Reticulum & Protein Trafficking
4H Exocytosis & Endocytosis
4I Intracellular Channels
4J Ryanodine Receptors
4K IP3 Receptors
4L Epithelial Channels & Physiology
4M Motions of the Cell Surface Molecules
4N Membrane Transporters & Exchangers
4O Lipids and Signaling on Membrane Surfaces
4P Peptide & Toxin Ion Channels
4Q Nucleocytoplasmic Transport
4R Auditory Systems

Electrical Excitability

5A Voltage-gated Na Channels
5B Voltage-gated Ca Channels
5C Voltage-gated K Channels-Permeation
5D Voltage-gated K Channels-Gating
5E Inward Rectifier K Channels
5F Ca-Activated Channels
5G Anion Channels
5H Ligand-gated Channels
5I Acetylcholine Receptors
5J Mechanosensitive Channels
5K Cyclic Nucleotide-gated Channels
5L Channel Regulation & Modulation
5M Biophysics of Ion Permeation
5N Presynaptic Channels & Release Mechanisms
5O Neuronal Systems & Modeling
5P Cardiac Electrophysiology
5Q Smooth & Skeletal Muscle Electrophysiology
5R TRP Channels
5S Synaptic Transmission
5T Ion Channels, Other

Motility, Muscle & Motors

6A Muscle: Fiber and Molecular Mechanics & Structure
6B Muscle Regulation
6C Excitation-Contraction Coupling
6D Cardiac Muscle
6E Actin & Actin-binding Proteins
6F Microtubules & Microtubule-associated Proteins
6G Cytoskeletal Protein Dynamics
6H Cell and Bacterial Mechanics & Motility
6I Intracellular Cargo Transport
6J Unconventional Myosins
6K Microtubular Motors
6L Bacteria & Motile Cells: Signal Transduction

Bioenergetics & Photobiology

7A Ion Motive ATPases
7B Membrane Transport
7C Electron and Proton Transfer
7D Oxidative Phosphorylation and Mitochondrial Metabolism
7E Photosynthesis and Photoreceptors
7F Mitochondria in Cell Life and Death

Biophysical Methods & Emerging Techniques

8A Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
8B X-ray Diffraction
8C Cryo Electron Microscopy & Reconstruction
8D Molecular Dynamics
8E Computational Methods
8F Regulatory Networks & Systems Biology
8G Imaging and Optical Microscopy
8H Atomic Force Microscopy
8I EPR Spectroscopy
8J Vibrational Spectroscopy
8K Fluorescence Spectroscopy
8L Micro- and Nanotechnology; Nanopores
8M Biotechnology & Bioengineering
8N Molecular Mechanics and Force Spectroscopy
8O Emerging Single Molecule Techniques
8P Bioinformatics


9A Biophysics Education

Beginning this year, abstracts will be accepted in the area of Biophysics Education. Submissions should describe novel developments in areas such as curriculum, learning aids, clarification of basic concepts and laboratory exercises. Abstracts submitted in this category will not be counted toward the one-sponsored research abstract per member limit.

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