Poster Printing

Posters Printed, Laminated and Ready for Pick Up

There is no longer any need to struggle through airport security with bulky poster carrying cases or take the chance that your hard work and research will be lost or misplaced during your travels.

A new service allows you to have your poster session presentation
printed, laminated, and ready for pick-up on-site at the Moscone
Center! DPI, the BPS official research poster provider, offers this
convenient service to you for a flat fee of $100.00. This is
significantly lower than it may cost you at FedExKinkos and without
all of the additional headaches. To place your order, go to 

Once on the web site click PLACE ORDER, create an account with
your email address and then pick BIOSF2009 from a series of job
forms and submit your file. The orders can be prepaid with a credit
card and picked up at the Moscone Center.

For customer service or technical help, please contact DPI directly at:
(415) 216-0031 Office
(415) 216-0039 Fax

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